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Unit Lab Runs on UST Blockchain Platform

Unit Search Technology is a unique Blockchain Platform suited to deliver a custom solution for the online auctions storage business.

Unit Lab company connects its customers and storage auctions with the best blockchain auction technology in the business, building a direct relationship between storage facilities and those who are interested in making a profit on it.

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We Know The Market

Storage auction participants now face the following problems:
Competition Competition against other storage seekers for relevant lots
Logistics Costs Buying goods doesn’t pay because of the logistics costs
Payment Difficulties Payment process requires lots of time and paperwork
Time Consumption Buying a single lot takes too much time, which makes you unable to work with other storages
Outdated Business Model This niche is stuck in the past and is extremely inconvenient to work in
Unstable Income Bad purchases lead to economic losses and unstable income

…But We Have a Solution

No Competition You don’t have to bother with competition - the lot search is automated and purchasing is instant
No Logistics We don’t need transportation since our company’s offices and intermediaries are located in almost every sale point
Crypto Payments No paperwork or delays. All crypto payments are nearly instant
24/7 Service Thanks to the technology and our specialists team there is 24/7 ongoing work with real time lots processing
Innovative Practices Based on the market knowledge, we have developed a business model that is far more efficient than the old one
Stable Income Constant flow and “smart” purchasing guarantee you a stable income

Our Future Plans

We Develop Together With the Market
Feb 2018 The Unit Lab team started the initial development of the Unit Search Technology (UST)
Feb 2022 Unit Lab company revolutionized how the contents of self-storage units are marketed and publicly auctioned and generated to a profit for the Company’s partners via a blockchain platform based on Unit Search Technology. UST is ready to go.
Mar 2022 The first integration of Unit Search Technology in private mode. Front, and backend of the website was completed and launched, and the site went live to customers.
Oct 2022 Official announcement of the Neural Storage Blockchain Network (NSBN)
Dec 2022 Official announcement of the Storage Video Analysis System including VR and AR Technologies
Open Full Road Map


Your funds and data are protected
  • Maximum Security of Funds
  • Absolute Privacy and Decentralization
  • Legal Company Registration Certificate from Cloudflare
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support with a Personal touch
  • Reliable Investment Program with Fast Instant Withdrawals
  • EV SSL Encryption
  • High anti-malware and anti-fraud protection

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